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Presidential Service Award

The President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) is a national program that recognizes accomplishments in service. The national program is run by the AmeriCorps program and the Points of Light Foundation. SMCC is an official certifying agency for this award. Please visit the PVSA website for more information and history of the award.

What is PVSA?

"The President's Volunteer Service Award recognizes, celebrates and holds up as role models Americans making a positive impact as engaged and deeply committed volunteers. The Award enables community organizations – such as Young Scholars Institute –to amplify their gratitude by joining with the President of the United States to thank their most dedicated volunteers".


Who can apply for the PVSA? 

Anyone over the age of five who has completed the required number of hours for their age group is eligible to apply for the PVSA through SMCC. Hours earned outside SMCC can be accepted. Please see below for more details. 


Submitting your Hours

Hours completed with SMCC will be recorded and stored by SMCC staff. Certificates are issued to volunteers along with each volunteer activity. Volunteers may be asked to submit their certifications via email (scan and email). 


Hours completed outside SMCC must be submitted to with the following: 

1.) PDF attachment of letter of verification from the supervisor of the volunteer organization/activity (please refer to our community guidelines for more details)

2.) Total outside hours submitted 

3.) Breakdown of the hours with activity(ies)


Hour Submission Form

Once all hours are confirmed, please fill out the Community Service Submission form with the total hours you intend on submitting. The deadline to submit for 2022-2023 is July 15th. All hours completed after will count towards the next year.

Let's Work Together

Please help us continue to offer the certification of the PVSA by making a donation to cover shipping costs and processing fees from Points of Light. A donation of $20 for each award helps us to be able to continue to offer this service to the community. You can make a donation by clicking Support Us at the top of this page.

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