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Step behind the shroud of “SE7EN” and enter an immersive masquerade where music and movement, desire and transgression intertwine. As the boundaries of time and culture, art and experiment dissolve around you in the sensuous alchemy of the moment—will you remain spectator or emerge as an accomplice? 

SE7EN has shaped countless lifetimes, but will a role emerge for you to leave your mark? Since the beginning of time, the number “7” has held extraordinary mystery and power. The number binds psyche and soul, with the seven emotions and six desires in the East, the seven deadly sins in the West. It conjures infinite soundscapes with the seven notes of music.

SE7EN dismantles the artifice of the stage, ensnaring you in intimate dialogue with the performers—but will close proximity help you decipher reality? Can you keep your bearing through the spellbinding melange of sounds, dance and deception unfolding over seven vignettes? SE7EN conjures dazzling elements of the ancient Silk Road, the jazz age, and modern illusion.



All tickets for admission

are equivalent,

but no attendee experience

will be the same.

Tickets for Se7en

at Hotel Indigo

in Downtown Los Angeles

  • Pioneering multinational choreography spanning modern, interpretive and traditional Asian dance by Yaya Zhang and Radhanath Thialan.

  • Music of Pipa and Jazz

  • An array of Jugglers and Chinese face changing dramatic arts

  • Move freely and mingle in the scenic opulence of Social 18 club


Social 18 club


Duration: 60 minutes 

Location: Hotel Indigo DTLA, rooftop Social 18 club
Age Requirement: 21 and older

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